Sports physiotherapy is specialized for Sports persons. This branch deals with the common Sports injuries that occur during training and competition period and their Physiotherapy management. It also aims at improving the Physical Fitness of the Sports person, which helps in their performance in Sports. Guidance in sport activities like techniques of warming up period, cooling down period, prevention of faulty Biomechanics and guidance in appropriate technique of specific Sports are also dealt to prevent the injuries in Sports. Some of the conditions under this are:

  1. Relaxation techniques (Sports Massage, Sauna bath etc)
  2. Any pain and tightness of muscle, Muscle strain, Cramps
  3. Ligament sprain, tear
  4. Proper Biomechanical analysis & correction of faulty techniques
  5. Physical Fitness training ( Aerobic and Anaerobic, Plyometrics, Agility training etc)
  6. Sports taping and Bracing to injuries
  7. Advice about proper sporting equipments and injury prevention equipments
  8. Psychological training towards improved performance in Sports.

Areas of Sports Physiotherapist to work

  1. In Hospitals an Consultant Physiotherapist
  2. In Colleges as Lecturer, Asst. prof., Assoc. Prof., Professor
  3. In Sports Clubs.
  4. In different levels of all variety of Sports teams ( District, Zonal, State, National and International) as a team Physiotherapist
  5. As a personal trainer for individual athlete or Sports person