Introduction to Physiotherapy Edit

Different treatment methods in Physiotherapy Edit

A physiotherapist utilizes any of, and mostly a combination of, the following Physical Modalities for treating ailments:

Forms of Energy Modalities
Mechanical Energy Exercises & Massage
Heat Energy Heat Modalities
Electrical Energy Electrical appliances used for the treatment
Sound Energy Modality using sound energy
Light Energy Modalities using energy in the form of light
Electro-Magnetic Energy Modality applying electro-magnetic energy


Physiotherapy is a complex specialty, as it deals with all disciplines of medicine. Development in this field has resulted in a variety of sub-specialization-.

  1. Musculo-skeletal Physiotherapy
  2. Cardio-Thoracic Physiotherapy
  3. Neurological Physiotherapy
  4. Physiotherapy in Rehabilitation
  5. Physiotherapy in Obstetrics
  6. Sports Physiotherapy
  7. Physiotherapy in Fitness
  8. Pediatric Physiotherapy
  9. Orthopaedic Physiotherapy

Application of Physiotherapy in other conditions :Some of them are : For Psycho-somatic disorders (for pain and aches), Depression in elderly persons, Cancer, Insomnia (sleepless nights).

Treatment Modes of Physiotherapy Edit

Manual methods of treatment

  1. Joint mobilization & Manipulation
  2. Manual stretching
  3. Therapeutic exercises
  4. Soft tissue manipulations
  5. Sporting and lifting techniques
  6. Taping
  7. Bandaging
  8. Strapping
  9. Postural drainage
  10. Aerobics and fitness guidance
  11. Hydrotherapy

Non-manual methods of treatment Edit

  1. Short wave diathermy
  2. Microwave diathermy
  3. Ultrasound
  4. Interferential therapy
  5. Wax bath
  6. Cryotherapy
  7. Hydrotherapy
  8. Electrical stimulation
  9. LASER Therapy
  10. Infrared rays
  11. Contrast bath
  12. Hot/Cold packs (Cryotherapy)
  13. Ultra violet rays
  14. Traction
  15. Tens
  16. Shock wave Therapy
  17. Long wave Therapy
  18. Pneumatic compression Therapy
  19. Cough assist/ensuffolation-exsuffolation Therapy
  20. Intrapulmonary Percussive Ventillation
  21. IPPB Therapy
  22. PEP Therapy

Areas to work for Physiotherapist Edit

There are potentially three different areas of practice in Physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is often used as complimentary to other treatments but it is practiced individually as well. The three methods of Physiotherapy treatment, include-

  1. Physiotherapy in conjunction with medical treatment
  2. Physiotherapy in conjunction with surgical treatment
  3. Isolated PhysiotherapyThe various set ups where P.T s can get employed

Clinical, Hospitals, Medical centers, Rehabilitation centers, Sports clinic, Gyms, Specialized schools, Community settings, Work places/companies, Public settings (e.g. Health Malls), Sports club, Schools, Private practices, Academic, In Universities/Colleges which offer courses in health sciences